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Forged and Machined Wing Guided Valves & Seats for Hydraulic Fracturing and Well servicing

Valve Assembly



Valve Assembly for the Pump Industry


 Frac Pump Expendables Valve & Seat



The wing guided Valve and Valve Seat assembly shown here, used extensively in pressure pumping and well stimulation, is a prime example of GPi’s specialty multi-level manufacturing capability. Improvements in design include materials, advanced thermal treatments, and surface hardening techniques offering increased wear resistance for extended life cycle components.

GPi employs a unique combination of manufacturing technologies to provide advanced, high performance fluid end components. These include closed die forging, friction welding, close tolerance machining and surface hardening heat treatment.  The Vavle and Valve Seat assemblies are CNC machined maintaining a tolerance of +/-0.001”. In process visual and dimensional inspections are done to ensure dimensional conformance.  Destructive testing of a sacrificed forging includes tensile, metallographic and hardness testing. Non-destructive testing includes ultrasonic, magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant.

The valve assembly process includes installation of uretahne seal, available as "Bonded" or traditiomnally installed, from a processes that has produced millions of urethane rings for the Oil & Gas industry over many years.

GPi typically warehouses thousands of finished valves, seats and other fluid end consumables.  GPI offers superior workmanship at  a competitive price, upholding the highest industry standards. For further details about this forged Wing Guided Valve and Valve Seat assembly, please see the chart below, click the product description link or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Forged & Machined Steel Valve Project

Product Name:
Valve with Urethane Ring
and Valve Seat Assembly

Part Numbers (Valve, Seat):
GPI-3545-V2, GPI-3545-S2
GPI-3740-V2, GPI-3740-S2
GPI-4550-V2, GPI-4550-S2

GPi Metal Products, LLC
Hydraulic Fracturing
Well Servicing
Oil & Gas Drilling and Extraction

Overall Dimensions:
Ø 5.00" x 4.10"
Ø 5.00" x 4.10"
Ø 5.00" x 4.10"

Tightest Tolerance:
± 0.0005
Specilaty Alloy Steel

Material Finish:
32 RMS on Journals
63 RMS in Ring Groves

Volume & Delivery:
Stock 3000 / month
8+ Weeks for Custom Design
Closed Die Forging
Investmnet Casting

Friction Welding
CNC Machining
Heat Treatment
Cryogenic Treatment
Surface Hardening
Equipment Used:
Forging Hammer
Investment Casting
Friction Welding
CNC Machning
Heat Treatment

In Process Testing & Inspection:
Hardness, Tensile, NDT
Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection

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