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fluid end Plungers, Springs and packing materials 

   GPi Metal Products' stock selection of fluid end consumables will supply your stimulation and well servicing applications all from one place. Along with GPi's industry proven Steel Valve and Valve Seat Assembly, we offer high performance after market replacements in a wide range of plunger (API) sizes for all of your fluid end expendable needs; these expendables include plungers, springs and packing materials. Contact us directly or click the "Request For Quote" button below to see how GPi Metal Products' long lasting components can help your operation.

Available as Basic or Extreme Service (GOLD), GPi's fluid end packing materials will help reduce down-time due to fluid end expendables. The packing stack design allows secure sealing at a range of pressures without over stressing the material and component mating surfaces with lubrication reservoirs. Offering main packing protection from abrasive materials, the packing materials are perfect for hydraulic fracturing, well servicing, cementing, slurry/abrasive, and general service.

Industry standard springs as well as plunger and pony rod forgings are also available from GPi Metal Products. These supplies are compatible with the Steel Valve and Valve Seat Assembly as well as hundreds of industry fluid end makes and models. See the product description information above for sizes and applications.


For further details about fluid end after market supply, please see the product description literature above or Contact us directly.

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